A Big Welcome

Welcome to the Love of God!

Agape is a word from the original language of the New testament meaning Divine Love. It is God’s eternal love; a love so strong it brought Jesus Christ into our world to rescue us.

Agape World Ministries is dedicated to bringing His Love to Our world today. We ourselves have been touched by God’s love, and in return we desire to love and serve him with all of our hearts. Alive in Christ, grounded in the truth of His Word, and energized by His Holy spirit, Agape World Ministries is proclaiming His Love to the nations!

If ever our world needed God’s love, it’s now! Here are some of the ways Agape World Ministries is meeting the needs:

Mass evangelism crusades are conducted in urban and rural areas throughout West Africa. Through these crusades, thousands of Muslims and idol worshippers have given their Lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Church Planting:
Our goal is to make disciples, not just decisions. To help get new converts grounded in the Word and on the path to fruitfulness in Christ, our mission plants new testament churches. Click Here To Learn More

Support Us

The world says “Money makes the world go round!” My saying is, Money makes the Gospel go round the world.” Agape World Outreach is not run by a large company, or being supported by large ministries.

Our vision is to reach our world through the simple presentation of the Christian Gospel.
Our passion is to teach believers the Word.

Word For The Day

God is looking for people who will say to their spiritual leaders, "Birth me into destiny...I'm here to serve. Even if you don't give me a title. Teach me how to be a servant."

Living is not a spectator sport. No one, at any price, is privileged to sit in the stands and watch the action from a distance. Being born means being a participator in the arena of life, where opposition is fierce and winning comes only to those who exert every ounce of energy.

The heartbeat of God is for the people of the earth… and we are passionately committed to reaching those who have never heard the name of Jesus before.

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