Ministry's Purpose

We believe the core cause of the problems we face is a spiritual one and therefore only successfully addressed spiritually. The proclamation of the biblical principles is applied to four areas of life – the individual, family, church and community.

We present the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to personally transform individual into His disciples.

As individuals develop spiritually, they are challenged and taught how to apply their faith in their homes.

As God’s representatives in the world, we equipped churches and their leadership for maximum spiritual impact.

We have developed programs and strategies that the ministry can use to mobilize and impact its neighborhoods, villages and towns.

Support Our Ministry

Dearly Beloved, we'll be glad if you can freely give to the support (growth) of our ministry, and I promise you God is not is not going to leave your life untouched. Pls Support Us
   Vision For Expansion

We’re blessed by our new work at main Warri Township. And we believe that within the next few months we will be launching out into other areas to establish more Agape churches. We are about to launch into the Eastern part of Nigeria, a city called Owerri, Imo State. Please pray for us that the Lord will open doors of expansion to us.

In addition to your prayers, we also ask for your financial support, as the Holy Spirit leads you. There is great expense involved in opening new churches; renting buildings, renovating them, building benches, conducting crusades, etc., not to mention the Pastor/Evangelist who is posted there. We never want to burden or embarrass you about the needs of the work here, so we only mention it for your prayerful consideration. As we listen to and obey God, we know the needs will be met.

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